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How to Install and Use Car Charger? What Should I Pay Attention To?

First, how to install the car charger:

1. The USB power adapter into the car cigarette lighter (generally in the cab and the trunk of one), plug in the plug (to plug in the end, hear the sound of click), the light is on the charge. (Note that the car should not be charged until the engine is running.)
2. Using USB cable and conversion connector, mobile phone, MP3 or standard USB interface products and the car USB power adapter can be charged.
3. Please check the power consumption specifications of digital products before use to avoid overload.

Two, how to use car charger:

1. In the car cigarette lighter, insert USB car charging head, through the standard USB interface output DC voltage.
2. Voltage, current and other electronic design parameters are fully in line with PDA mobile phone standards, will not cause damage to your beloved machine.
3. Connect USB data line can be MP3/MP4, mobile phone, small speakers, Bluetooth, PSP and other electronic products power supply, charging.

Third, vehicle charger installation and use method:

Car charger is very small and practical, it is easy to install and use, as long as there is a cigarette lighter jack in the car. The car cigarette lighter jack is shown in the picture below: To charge mobile phones, navigators and other devices, just unplug the cigarette lighter with a cigarette mark, connect the device to be charged with the car charger with the charging cable, and then insert the cigarette lighter jack of the car.

Four, vehicle charger safety precautions:

1. The vehicle cannot be charged when flameout (at this time, the car battery is used)
2. Charging is prohibited when the vehicle is ignited and started (to prevent the instantaneous high current when starting to burn out the equipment)
3. Minimize charging for multiple devices at the same time and avoid charging for high-power devices (the load is too large)

Five, we need to remind you that the car charger in the use of the process to pay attention to more problems.

1. Recharging after starting Note that the engine should be started, and then plug in the device to charge. Car ignition low voltage, can affect the charging effect, and even damage the car charger.
2. Pay attention to the use of environmental thunderstorm weather do not use car charger; Do not use after washing the car, the car humidity is easy to cause corrosion oxidation components.
3. Reduce the use of high power do not power more than three equipment at the same time, in order to prevent excessive power damage equipment.
4. Pull out the plug in time after use.

Six, in the purchase of car charger, generally need to pay attention to the following problems:

1. Confirm the safety device: in addition to looking for the brand and do not buy three products, car owners should also know whether the flame retardant of the car filling shell is up to standard, and whether it has overcurrent protection device. Generally small car charging is likely to be not installed over current protection, try to avoid buying.
2. Choose well-known brands: car owners in the purchase of car charger should try to choose well-known brands, regular manufacturers of products, although the price will be relatively higher, but the quality will be more guaranteed.
3. Do not blindly pursue high current: when the current is too large or the interface is too many, the failure and dangerous situation may also be more, so when the car owner buys the car charging, it is best not to blindly pursue high current, multi-interface and charging speed. In addition, some car chargers on the market still exist the situation of voltage and current virtual mark, we must pay attention to when buying and using.
4. Do not buy three no products: do not buy cheap products at too low a price, do not buy or use three no products, to confirm whether the product packaging printed with production standards, factory name factory address and other information.
We only use car charger correctly, the service life of products is longer, especially electronic products. So, for the consideration of safety, must choose and buy regular brand, buy genuine, inferior product is extremely easy to produce safety hidden trouble. In addition, when using, be sure to operate in accordance with the correct method.

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First, how to install the car charger:1. The USB power adapter into the car cigarette lighter (generally in the cab and the trunk of one), plug in the plug (to plug in the end, hear the sound of click...

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