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How Many Kinds of Electric Car Charger?

While electric vehicles are flourishing, its complementary products should also keep pace with The Times, otherwise it will restrict the development of electric vehicles. Looking back at the development of electric cars, it seems that the history of chargers has not been as long as it has been for more than 100 years since the introduction of batteries. However, with the development of electric vehicles, battery chargers have also entered the common home, as long as there are electric car families have chargers. This phenomenon has become commonplace. Here are a few kinds of electric car chargers.

There are several types of electric car chargers - three-stage chargers
This type of charger is the most used one in the electric car industry today. The so-called three-stage charger, as the name implies, must have three stages in its charging process. The first stage is called constant flow, the second is called constant pressure, and the third is called trickle.

From an electronic point of view for batteries:

The first stage is called charging current limiting stage, the second stage is called high constant voltage stage, and the third stage is called low constant voltage stage. During phase 2 and phase 3, the panel indicator lights change accordingly, with most chargers in phase 1 and 2 being red and in phase 3 turning green.
The conversion between the second stage and the third stage is determined by the charging current, greater than a certain current into the first and second stage, less than a certain current into the third stage. This current is called the conversion current, also known as the turning current.

There are several kinds of electric car chargers -- on-board chargers

Vehicle-mounted charger, also known as AC charger, is installed on electric vehicles and connected to AC sockets through sockets and cables to provide charging power to electric vehicles with three-phase or single-phase AC power. The advantage of vehicle-mounted charger is that no matter the vehicle-mounted battery needs to be charged at any time and anywhere, as long as there is an AC socket with the rated voltage of the charger, the electric car can be charged. The disadvantages of vehicle-mounted charger are limited by the space of electric vehicles, small power, small output charging current, and long battery charging time.

There are several kinds of electric car chargers - negative pulse chargers

Lead-acid batteries have a history of more than 100 years, and began to be widely used around the world along the old view and operation procedures: charge and discharge rate of 0.1c (C is the battery capacity) long life. In order to solve the problem of fast charging, American Mr. Mais announced his research results to the world in 1967, charging with pulse current of more than 1C rate, and discharging the battery when the charge is intermittent. Discharge is beneficial to eliminate polarization, reduce the temperature of electrolyte and improve the ability of plate to accept charge.

Some scientific and technological workers in Our country around 1969, according to The three laws of Mr. Mays successful production of a variety of brands of quick charging machine. The charging cycle is as follows: high-current pulse charging → cutting off the charging path → short discharge to the battery → stop discharging → switching on the charging path → high-current pulse charging......

Around 2000, someone used this principle in electric car charger, charging process, do not cut off the charging path, with a small resistance will be short circuit battery moment, discharge. Because the charging path is not cut off during short circuit, the inductance is connected in series in the charging path. Generally in 1 second short circuit 3-5 ms (1 second =1000 ms), because the current in the inductor can not jump, short short time, can protect the charger power conversion part. If the direction of charging current is positive, the discharge is negative, and the term "negative pulse charger" has emerged in the electric vehicle industry, and it can extend the battery life and so on. This is the basic principle of the extended-life charger like Jianghe charger.

Chargers are seen as an indispensable accessory to new energy vehicles because they are an important bridge between electric vehicles and electricity. In addition, the above introduction of three kinds of charger, car charger for all electric cars and plug-in hybrids, and increase the program of electric cars are essential equipment, even in power electric cars, usually also need to be equipped with a car charger, car charger can use ordinary socket or charging pile. I hope the information about electric car chargers shared by xiaobian can help you better understand.

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While electric vehicles are flourishing, its complementary products should also keep pace with The Times, otherwise it will restrict the development of electric vehicles. Looking back at the developme...

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