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Max Power New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Max Power New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Max Power New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was found in 2017 and located in Guangzhou, China. Be engaged in R&D manufacture EV charger, charging pile, EV charging station, EV wallbox, floor standing EV charger, which is mainly used for EV, ship, special vehicles, electric aircraft etc. Max Power has a professional R&D team and expertise in power conversion and laboratory, we also have a 4000 square meters production base factory in Nansha Guangdong China.

The core team members all have working experience in well-known foreign companies and overseas study background. They have been engaged in research and market development in the field of new energy charging for a long time. Our products have obtained 3 inventions and more than 20 utility model patents. We have successfully launched many product series including movable chargers, wallbox chargers, portable chargers and fixed charging pile and on board chargers. The power of our charger varies from 3kw to 360kw. Our design is flexible and can be customized for various electrical equipment. In the future, we will continue to seek new breakthroughs in technology and market.

Our company takes "green intelligent manufacturer, for global charging" as its vision and produces the product with automotive standards, we will uphold a rigorous, open and innovative science attitude and keep developing high quality products, to donate our power to human society.

We have professional engineering support, high efficiency sales team and competitive price superiority, which attracts customers from all over the world. our products are exported to many countries and regions as Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, Spain, Romania, Turkey, India, Middle East, etc.

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Max Power New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Electric Car Charger Company

Company Culture

Company philosophy
  • Company mission: Continuously donate to the globalization of new energy vehicles.

  • Company vision: Green intelligent manufacturer, for global charging.

  • Company value: added value to customer and staff.

Research and development strength
  • 20 + R&D Engineers, including hardware, software, structure, testing, art designer, etc.

  • Strong customization capability.

Product strength
  • Master the core technology of the product.

  • Complete product array, including DC/AC, high voltage and low voltage, GB/T, Chademo, CCS.

  • Strong technical strength creates strong customization ability.

Honor Certificates


Company Structure


Our History


Quality Control

Inspection positionDefineMethodInspection content
IQCIncoming inspectionSpot-checkHardware material:
Material, size, assembly, film thickness, 100 grid, corrosion resistance, color, appearance, etc
Electronic materials:
Incoming documents, qualification certificates, key electrical performance, peak testing, insulation testing, withstand voltage testing, high and low temperature testing, appearance, etc
Wire material:
DC resistance, withstand voltage, conductor composition, size, stretching, operating temperature, etc
Packaging materials and accessories:
Size, strength, assembly, appearance, printing content, etc
IPQCProcess inspectionSpot-checkMaterial specifications, quantity, crimping process, fastening process, product labeling, tool usage, implementation of past problem solutions, implementation of special requirements, satisfaction of customer needs, etc
FQCFinished product inspectionInspectionMaterial confirmation, parameter setting, charging aging, insulation testing, fastening inspection, temperature rise inspection, peak test, leakage test, phase loss test, emergency stop test, communication test, APP test, noise test, vehicle charging test, etc.
OQCShipping inspectionFull inspection+spot checkMark accuracy, shipment accuracy, packaging integrity, packaging accessories, shipping documents, container loading method, etc

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