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The annual income of private shared charging piles is thousands of yuan


How to share your pile?

According to statistics from the China Electric Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, as of March this year, the number of charging piles nationwide was 1.788 million, a year-on-year increase of 41.1%. Charging pile enterprises are ushering in a new round of development opportunities. According to Guoyuan Securities, under the target of 1:1 vehicle-to-pillar ratio in 2030, the number of charging piles will exceed 50 million units. The investment amounted to nearly one trillion yuan.

Having said that, how should private charging piles be shared with others? There are two types of pile owners involved. One is that charging piles have been installed in their own parking spaces for a long time, but in terms of functions, these charging piles are relatively simple in function and can only support charging. There is no software added to the intelligent management system inside, so they do not have the function of sharing. If you want to share, you must upgrade the equipment of the charging pile, and this can only be negotiated with the charging pile manufacturer, but the final cost involved can only be borne by the pile owner himself.

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