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About the use and maintenance of electric vehicle charger


① The AC power socket must match the AC power plug of the charger.

② The AC voltage shall be relatively stable, and the change shall not exceed 220V ± 10%.
③ Charging procedures: A. turn on the power lock switch of the vehicle B. connect the charging plug with the body charging socket C. connect the power plug with the mains socket.
④ After the charger is powered on, when the wiring is correct, the power indicator light is on, the 1-30a charging current indicator light is on, and the one-way constant charge and two-way constant charge indicators are on. The charging time should be more than 10 hours in the state of power loss.
⑤ The charging process changes as follows: in the first stage, the constant current 25A is charged for about 6 hours; The second stage is constant voltage charging for about 3 hours; Finally, enter the floating charge stage. At this time, the floating charge light will be on, only 1-2 charging current indicators will be on, and the fan will stop rotating. The battery power is sufficient when the closing light is on and enters the floating charge stage.

⑥ After the battery is fully charged, or any need to shut down, you must first disconnect the power supply at the input end of the appliance, and then disconnect the charger from the battery.

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